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Date: 21st June 2016
Positioning Glue For Diaper
Application:It can?well?bond?PE?film,Website:http://www.alldiapermaterials.com,?non-woven,?porous?film?and?tissueIt is designed for construction application for sanitary napkins and diapersIt is specially designed for all types of high-speed full-automatic production line of sanitary pads and diapers.Advantages:non-toxicgood viscositylight?initial?colorgood?heat-stability?excellent?sprayabilityapplicability is very strongSpecification:ApplicationHot melt adhesive designed for positioning application of sanitary napkins and panty liners. ?It can provide proper adhesion to undergarment ?without transfer, with good cold-resistance and aging-resistance..CompositionSynthetic?ResinsAppearanceTransparent amber, solidBrookfield Viscosity9100 mPa.s at@200?C2850 mPa.s at@150?C1350 mPa.s at@170?C9100 mPa.s at@200?CSoftening pointApprox. 81?CApplication instruction1. Suggested operation temperature: 150?C-170?C.2. Application methods : slot.3. Substrates, release paper and application environment will affect its adhesion performance, so trial use is recommended.4. There should be no dust and oil on substrates and release paper. ?Substrates should be well conditioned under standard temperature and humidityCleaningGlue can be moved with wood shovel before it fully cools, then clean it with adhesive detergent. Applicators can be cleaned with mineral oil at 120?, then purge with hot melt.Package1kg/block,each block with a release paper,20kgs in a carton.Storage2 years in dry and cool environment below 35?C and far from fire, unexposed to the sunlight.?
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