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Date: 21st June 2016
Various Thickness And Printing PE Lamination Film For Diaper
Application??We are a leading supplier of raw material for sanitary napkin and baby diapers in china for many years .??Our PE breathable film are mainly used for back sheet film of sanitary napkin and baby diaper,Website:http://www.alldiapermaterials.com,and can be used for packing film of sanitary napkin.??There are many advantages ,such as non-toxic ,odorless,corrosion-resistant ,tear-resistant ,At low and high temperature flexibly,easy to break down ,recycle ,waste treatment will not cause harm to human beings and environment .??PE breathable?film can be separated into normal grade,middle grade and high grade.With different qualities, the prices are different.The better quality is,the better elongation of the products's MD and CD are,and the hand feeling will be better. ?Description:1).?Basic? weight :18?35g /m2??2).?Width : 5---240cm.?3).?Colors printing embossing : according to customers' requirement4).?Roll length : depend on customers' request.Types of PE breathable film:A - PE Breathable Film:Basic weight: 18-25g/m2Width: less than 2.2 mDiameter: 400-440 mm20,?FT: 13-15TB - Center Laminating PE Breathable FilmBasic weight: 26-28g/m2Width: less than 2.2 mDiameter: 400-440 mm20,?FT: 11.5-13.5TC- Full Laminating PE Breathable FilmBasic weight: 30-32g/m2Width: less than 2.2 mDiameter: 400-440 mm
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