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Date: 21st June 2016
Well Elongation Korean Spandex For Diaper
ApplicationSpandex is an ideal material to be used in the following products:??Medical products(Diaper) wrist support,Website:http://www.alldiapermaterials.com, knee pad and elastic bandage;??Sportswear, swimwear, body suit;??Underwear, jump suit, Lingerie accessories etc;??Socks, hosiery, glove, etc;??Elastics lace, seat belt??casual wear.??Elastic thin fabrics, shirt, skirt, gauze etc.Advantage1. Less cost for elastic material as the high stess and high elongation.2. High efficiency as the long time producing without outage.3. No undesirable component on the surface. It makes less choking for the hot melt adhesive spraying as being without talc powder and other dirt.4. Good performance on the tackiness of hot melt adhesive. The glue for the rubber can be used for Spandex and can be saved over 40%.The creep-resisting shows excellent performance of Spandex.SpecificationProduct nameUnitSpandex Yarn for Hygiene ProductsInspection characteristicsspecificationTest ResultElongation at break%910?80900.38Tension at breakCN?580596.41Stress at 300% elongationCN?8592.08Elastic recovery 300% elongation%?96.597.09Oil%1.5?1.01.68NET WT/CONEg30003060?
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